How To Create An Application Launcher In Ubuntu

I recently got tired of having to start both IntelliJ and Eclipse from command line so I decided to create launchers for them. Below is the process for creating an application launcher in ubuntu. This example is for Eclipse:

sudo gnome-desktop-item-edit /usr/share/applications/ --create-new

You will get the error below if you do not have gnome-panel installed:

sudo: gnome-desktop-item-edit: command not found

so install gnome-panel with this command.

sudo apt-get install gnome-panel

then run the create-new command as specified.

a popup appears as shown in the image below.


Fill out the fields as follows:

1. Select an image for the icon by clicking on the icon on the square box at the left corner of the popup and browsing to the location of the image

2. Type should be application

3.  Type the name of the application in the Name field.

4. For the Command field browse to the location of the file you usually run from command line to start your application. In this case the



5. Click OK


How to validate an ip address android

Just something I had to figure out today. Thought I might post it, someone might find use for it. I had to validate ip addresses in an android app I am helping build. Below is the method I used for the validation. The same method will work a java application as well.

public static boolean isIpAddress(String ipAddress) {
        String IPADDRESS_PATTERN = "^([01]?\\d\\d?|2[0-4]\\d|25[0-5])\\." +
                                   "([01]?\\d\\d?|2[0-4]\\d|25[0-5])\\." +
                                   "([01]?\\d\\d?|2[0-4]\\d|25[0-5])\\." +
        Pattern pattern = Pattern.compile(IPADDRESS_PATTERN);
        Matcher matcher = pattern.matcher(ipAddress);
        return matcher.matches();